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About The
Star League Pirates
- Clan Sword in Exile

    Information & Details:
  • We hold mandatory clan meetings on every Friday at 19:30 CST.
  • We try to uphold the Clan society from the Crusader's standpoint, to which the nature of online gaming (and MWO) can allow.
  • We also promote the "Clan experience" in SLP.
  • For rank advancement we use a system in which the acting members of the keshik hand out field promotions based upon performance and skill, for more details you can view our Ranks and Structure - RaS documentation.
    Codes of Conduct:
  • It has been stressed upon that members fight with honor and fairness. "It is better to die with honor than it is to live as a coward."
  • We have always asked that you respect other clans friend or foe. Treat others how you would like to be treated. Be courteous and helpful to other players.
  • Follow and honor the words of your OvKhan(s).
  • We despise: disorderly conduct, cheating, exploiting, and dishonorable acts. All of these acts can be punishable by the Khan or keshik.
  • You will need to show up, and participate in the meetings as much as possible to stay as an active member of SLP, inactive members will be removed from the roster and clan. Once removed members will have to start over again with their rank.
  • If you see a member of SLP breaking the CoC please report the infraction to a member of the Upper Command in SLP; Khan Nova2, and/or saKhan Raziel2a. You can PM us on our forums, or contact us on our TS3 server.
    View our Codes of Conduct - CoC documentation.

Gaming History:
In 1999 "Nova2" had created a clan in MechWarrior2 called "Clan Sword".
In 2000 the clan restarted in Mech Commander Gold during the sadly dyeing days of MW2.
In 2001 the clan moved into MechWarrior4: Vengeance.
In 2003 the clan had reformed calling themselves the “Star League Pirates”.
In 2004 the clan moved into MechWarrior4: Mercenaries.
In 2005 the clan joined under RGMU to boost activity during the slower times of MW4:Mercs.
In 2015 the clan restarted in MechWarrior Online.


Want to join SLP?
Register to our Forums using the same call-sign you use in MWO, and leave us a message at the "Recruitment Desk".

Things you will need to join SLP:
- MechWarrior Online
- TeamSpeak3, and a headset. How to setup TS3 for SLP.