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Clan Castes

Nicholas Kerensky
Five, Nicholas proclaimed, was the foundation
upon which our true society was to be built.
Laborers to till the land, to do the tasks:
They shall have our undying gratitude,
for they are the muscle behind us all.
Merchants to buy and sell with fairness:
They shall have our commerce and respect,
for they are the bones upon which we are built.
Technicians to build and fix the machines:
They shall have our admiration:
for they are the fingers with which we grasp life.
Scientists to create and discover:
They shall have our awe and our attention,
for they are the mind of our society.
And above all the Warriors who protect:
They shall have our cooperation and our worship,
for they are the blood and soul of us all.
- The Rememberance (Clan Wolf) Passage 67, Verse 26, Lines 21-37

Warrior Caste
Warriors are obviously the most powerful caste.The vast majority of warriors proudly trace their lineage directly to the800 Bloodnamed.Each looks like the product of the genetic breeding program.
Clan MechWarriors are robust, with lightning-quick reflexes and quickerintelligence.
Fighter pilots are thin, their heads disproportionately large and withfar-seeing eyes.
Elementals, the Clan infantry, are huge, unusually strong soldierspossessed of grace and speed far exceeding what is expected of peopleof such intimidating size.

Scientist Caste
The scientist caste has two responsibilities: continued technologicaldevelopment and genetic control of the population.The warriors' eugenics program naturally occupies a place of primeimportance in their work.Assignment to the scientist caste is considered a high honor for civilians
because it literally holds the future of the Clans in its hands.

Merchant Caste
The merchant caste is powerful because it controls all commerce withinthe Clans.The merchants' economic power is held in check by the warrior caste'smonopoly over JumpShip travel.Though merchants own their own vessels, explicit laws require thatall vessels carry warriors for protection.Long journeys are allowed only with a naval escort.This arrangement effectively prevents merchants from gaining too muchpower.

Technican Caste
The technician caste is less defined than the others.In general, a member of the technician caste is responsible for the upkeep,repair, and operation of complicated equipment, including everything from acyclotron to an agribot to a BattleMech.In fact, a technician's status in Clan society is directly related to thecaste he is supporting.Thus, technicians assigned as support for a BattleMech Star are muchhigher in status than technicians assigned to maintain agribots, eventhough the two groups possess the same skills.

Laborer Caste
The laborer caste is both the largest and lowest-level caste in theofficial Clan hierarchy.This caste farms the fields, operates the factories, and provides allbasic services.In short, it is composed of the common citizens.