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Enhancing the Clan Experience

Just by a general overview of SLP anyone who knows anything at all about MechWarrior or BattleTech could tell you that SLP is Clan-affiliated. But there are extra steps that can be done to enhance the feel and effect that we are Clan, to make it look and feel like what we are doing and saying is straight out of a BattleTech novel. The primary thing anybody can do is create a clanner-like character to use while gaming with others. The second thing is to reenact ceremonies that would happen in clan culture pertaining to what we are doing.

Clan character basics:
First of all if you already know a great deal about the clans, their way of life, their history, and their language then all you need to do is to skip to step four, otherwise read the rest to learn how your character should be based.
Step One- You should have read the Clan History page if you do not know much about the Clans right now.
Step Two- You must understand that there are two types of Clans; Crusader and Warden. A crusader clan espouses the invasion of the Inner Sphere and the re-establishment of the Star League by military force. Most crusader clans are contemptuous of the people of the Inner Sphere, who view them as barbarians and also of the freeborns within their clan as well. A warden clan believes that the clans were established to guard the Inner Sphere from outside threats rather than to conquer it and re-establish the Star League by force. The Star League Pirates are of the crusaders. You may also want to read “Warriors of the Riteous” from the BattleTech: Warden Clans Field Manual to get a better grasp for the warden clans.
Step Three- Understanding the clan language. We have an extensive collection of Clan terminology listed on our website at www.starleaguepirates/clanterminology.php. Become familiarized in the clan language for fluent usage in the game. You must also come to understand that the language is highly respected in the Clans, the use of contractions are forbidden. However over the yeas the language has become straggled with many hyphenations abbreviations and buzzwords to convey the most amount of meaning with the least amount of words.
Step Four- is to use what you now have learned about Crusader Clans and Clan terminology to an alternate personality that you will use inside the MechWarrior community. Do what a crusader warrior would do, say what a crusader warrior would say, and think what a crusader warrior would think. Aggression and somewhat of disrespect may be shown towards the Warden Clans, lower casts, and freeborns is highly promoted. But it all must be displayed as a sense that everyone can understand that it is just out of character and not rudeness or blatent disrespect towards others. If you make a really harsh/aggressive remark, state that it is your character stating it and not you personally e.g. (*Character speaking* “My dog has more honor than all of you freebirth scum!”) Noticed that character speaking was placed before the harsh remark with asterisk around it signifying that it is coming from the character, which means it is not to be taken personally and or offensively to the heart by others. But try top play along with the character format when in real-time. When someone speaks in character it is mostly playful and meaningless, it was just said to add flavor to the game.
Remember, it all boils down to “It is only a game...”.

Clan rituals and ceremonies:
For a further understanding of Clan rituals, tradition, society, and ceremonies you are better off reading a three novel trilogy known as “The Blood of Kerensk” AKA “Kerensky Trilogy” (Lethal Heritage, Blood Legacy, and Lost Destiny). You may want to check your local library(s), used book store(s),, or for these books if you are interested.

These enhancements can be wavered by selecting a different mode to operate at a quicker pace to get things done. That is why there are two operation modes in SLP, “Real-Time Mode” and “Fast Pace Mode".

Real-Time Mode:
When running in Real-Time everyone uses their clan character. All the ceremonial protocols and procedures are performed. All Clan words and Clan Language will be used top the best of our abilities. If you were to sit back and watch SLP operate in Real-Time, it would be like watching the Clan ceremonies and culture you read out of a BattleTech novel come to life. Trying to operate under Real-Time may become hard for people who are new to BattleTech and/or the Clans. Real-Time Mode is the standard setting for SLP, and everything should be carried out in Real-Time unless told differently by a Commanding Officer.

Fast-Pace Mode:
Fast-Pace is an accelerated procedure that allows things to be done quickly by dropping all the jazzy enhancements to Clan society & culture. Fast-Pace is put into effect by a Commanding Officer who needs to get a large list of things done quickly. A Commanding Officer should only be put Fast-Pace in effect when there is a list of things to do and little time to do it in. After the list of objectives are completed, the mode automatically returns to Real-Time.