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Clan Holidaysand Festivals

Like the people of theInner Sphere the Clans celebrate several holidays. Some are caste- or Clan-specific,while others are Clan-wide. There are hundreds of festivals in all, some markedwith little more than a cursory gathering, others providing an excuse forthousands to gather. The Clans also believe in rest days, working on a rollingschedule of eight days out of every ten, and so holidays occasionally clashwith existing days off. When this happens, the individual affected may takethe following day as a holiday instead. This practice leaders to many majorcalibrations being staggered over several days. A similar practice applieswhen major mobile and fixed festivals occur on the same day
the following are the most significant Clan holidays and festivals.

New Year(31 December/1 January)
The only holiday that the Clans share with the Inner Sphere, New Year is atime of celebration, marked by spectacular fireworks and raucous parties.As in the Inner Sphere, Clansmen reflect upon the events in the past yearand look forward to the new. The celebration, which covers New Year’sEve and New Year’s Day, is considered a time of truce between warringClans.

HomecomingDay (1May)
A new holiday first celebrated by the Nova Cats in 3060, Homecoming Day celebratesthe Cats’ return to the Inner Sphere and Star League. A time for reflections,it honors the fallen and gives thanks to their sacrifice that enabled theNova Cats to “come home” to the Star League.

LiberationDay (26 May)
This occasion marks the liberation of the last of the Pentagon worlds andservers as a general day of remembrance for those who have fallen achievingthe Clan’s goals. Through all the castes respect Liberation Day, onlythe warrior cast performs special rites. Each Clan holds a ceremony outsideit’s primary genetic repository to recognize the sacrifice of thosewho have gone before, paving the way for the glory of the Clans. Warriorsare selected by lot to attend this ceremony, the honor of attending whichis second only to Founding Day. Individual units spend at least an hour payinghomage wherever they are based.

Hell’sHorses Trial of Renewal (22 August)
As a preamble to Founding Day calibrations, the Hell’s Horses Alphaand Omega Keshiks meet in a mock combat to hone their fighting skills. Thespectacular match, which coincides with the Keshiks’ rotation betweenStrana Mechty and the Hell’s Horses domain, and many outside the Clanalso watch. The venue of the battle is determined by lot, but is always withinthe Strana Mechty system, allowing the winners to head the Horses delegationto the Founding Day celebrations.

FoundingDay (24 August)
The most significant Clan holiday, Founding day is the only event celebratedby the clans in concert (most Clan-wide events are celebrated individually).It commemorates the Exodus fleets arrival to the Pentagon worlds in 2786 andis marked by parades and pageantry. Celebrations occur in each town and village;everyone watches the live trideo broadcast of the celebrations on Strana Mechty.The clans gather to stage a stupendous march past the Hall of Khans, puttingaside their petty squabbles to demonstrate their martial strength. The highlightof the parade is the “flyby” of McKenna’s Pride,the flagship of both Aleksandr and Nicholas Kerensky. As with New Year’s,a general truce exists between Clans on Founding Day, Though they have tocompunction about fighting “barbarians” from the Inner Sphereor Periphery.

Exodus Day(5 November)
The Clan-wide celebration marks the Exodus from the Inner Sphere in 2784.Celebrated by a day of fasting, it culminates with a meal of thanksgivingto honor the vision of Aleksandr Kerensky.

InvasionDay (21 November)
Initiated by members of the Crusader faction, Invasion day celebrates the“go vote” that initiated the Operation Revival, and is markedby carousing and fireworks since the clan losing the Great Refusal, many Clanshave abandoned this holiday.

Star LeagueDay (27 December)
Another Solemn occasion, on this day every Clansmen commemorates the assassinationof First Lord Richard Cameron in 2766 that led the fall of the Star League.It is a day of reflection, usually accompanied by considerable invective aimedat the Inner Sphere powers whom the clans believe destroyed the League. Inthe Inner Sphere, the day has developed a reputation of violent clashes betweenimmigrants from Clan space and locals.

Star Festival(every 6,407 days on Paxon)
One of the most remote outposts in Clan space, the world of Paxon has littleto make it stand out except the Theta Pyxidis nova and the Star Festival.A recurrent Nova–that is, a variable binary star with a short “repeatcycle” (in this case 17.5 years)–Theta Pyxidis is locates roughlysixteen light-years anti-spinward of the Clan world. Whenever the star isdue to flare, the population gathers to witness the spectacle. Though visibleelsewhere in the Kerensky Cluster, the event is at its most spectacular onPaxon, and is marked by a week long festival.