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Enhanced Imaging

The rules to Enhanced Imaging(EI) can be found in the BattleTech: Maximum Tech on pages 60 and 61. Therules clearly state in the first paragraph that a warrior with EI installedmay be allowed an outside view of thier BattleMech and/or the battlefield. The rules are actuallyfor the BatteTech RPG and Board Game Classic BattleTech but as you see how it can prove to bea good argument in the game. In SLP we see the fact that the restriction to FFP is moreless a restriction on "Level-3 Technology and Equipment" than thanbeing "A more realistic simulation".

Enhanced Imaging
The Clan enhanced-imaging system (EI) isan acquisition
and targeting system vastly superior toanything currently fielded
by the Inner Sphere. The mostadvanced EI systems consist of
two components: a neuralnetwork implanted in the
MechWarrior, and a computer. Usingsensor data from all friend-
ly platforms, along withpreloaded terrain data, the computer
constructs a virtualbattlefield that can be views from any per-
spective. TheMechWarrior can access this data through the
neural network.He is no longer restricted to an out-of-the-cock-
pit pointof view: instead, he has a moveable camera that he
canmaneuver anywhere on the battlefield to obtain any perspec-
tive he desires.