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Central Standard Time

Central Standard Time or CST is used in SLP to calibrate its players across different time-zones to the same date and time. This is to help insure that everyone is on time to the start of any event. This "CST" is based off of the US Central Time-Zone or UTC -06:00, it is also displayed and expressed in the 24:00 military format to avoid the confusion of AM and PM. A player can quickly calibrate themselves by taking a quick look at the SLP website where the CST time is shown in the upper right corner.

US Time-Zone Chart
Time Zone CST Offset
Atlantic Time CST +02:00
Eastern Time CST +01:00
Central Time CST +00:00
Mountain Time CST -01:00
Pacific Time CST -02:00
Alaska Time CST -03:00
Hawaii Time CST -04:00

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In Windows you can run multiple clocks off differant time-zones at once.
Set up multiple clocks.