Fri Aug 23 10:38:40 - CST

Honor Points System

The honor points system is a complex points system that is based off of each warrior's career and prestige company and is both tallied for each member and each star/binary in SLP.

For members of SLP the point system starts off reflecting their rank and then gains and lowers in rank by the events and actions they have partaken within their career in SLP, hence Career Honor Points.
There is also a total of points which is modified by the warriors he/she associates with (defined as each star/binary), in this total each star/binary-mate's career HP combined along with the star/binaries HP is added into the member's HP to create their Total HP.

For the stars and binaries of SLP there are Star/Binary Honor Points for the activities and events in which the star has engaged upon.
Like the members of SLP each star/binary has its own prestigious Total Honor Points which is a total of the Star/Binary HP and the current existing members.

For further detail on calculation honor points and demerits refer to Section 782 of the Ruling Government and Laws of SLP, see Sub-Section 782.2.1 for members and Sub-Section 782.2.2 for stars and binaries.