IS mediums 6 laser variants for almighty

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IS mediums 6 laser variants for almighty

Postby Funk1777 » Mon Apr 11, 2016 1:39 pm

Inner sphere weapons have shorter range than clan weapons which doesnt matter much when in brawling range but if you are trading at 500m it is rough. Most of these builds utilize med range lasers so youll want to stay close to the assaults and not wander off on your own. Many are fast enough to cover ground to find cover quickly or support the flanks that need it. All these mechs have accel quirks and good energy quirks. They handle better and perform better thermally.

Blackjack BJ1X Medium tanky(xl) has good firepower 6mpl and good cooling with 100kph manly sized profile ... bf5516240b

Cicada 2A Very fast 120kph, decent firepower 6ML and good cooling, less tanky small profile with some box on 2 sticks syndrome. ... 956033be2c

Crab 27sl Flies a bit with jump jets, pretty fast at 95, good firepower and tanky but lower cooling. small front profile. Crabs rock and you will miss jump jets when you have mechs with decent ones. ... 3e4d95cb7f

Hunchback 4p Slower at 90kph tanky with the armor and std engine more firepower and good cooling. It has the similar firepower at med range 250m or so with 6 medium lasers, but it has 3 sml lasers at close range for more boom and heat. manly sized profile with many weapons in one torso/arm. very asymmetrical. ... 4a95d5b27b

All of these chassis have some variety but not as much as the Hunchbacks. For instance.


4h with range. 3erl for some sniping and poking action ... 14bb8cb4fe

4h fast at 90kph 5mpl but runs super cool for a laser brawler with a standard engine. ... 317cb81685

4h Brawler. Awfully slow65 but a lot of boom up close with an ac20 to support the 5ml. A few million cheaper than the others as it runs the stock engine. ... 62973b9e96

4h 90kph 2erppc build for variety. nice quirks for it. ... b431c7b1e7

4h Fast 90kph with High damage longer range 3 large pulses and great cooling. Runs an XL so staying at range or in cover is good. ... 7fcf66afe4

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