Clan Mediums

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Clan Mediums

Postby Funk1777 » Mon Apr 11, 2016 2:46 pm

Clan mediums dont share the awesome quirks that make the specialized variants of the IS so nice, but they have omnipods(can switch pieces for the ones with the loadout you want. Cant swap engines so that makes the upfront costs more and less tweaking available. Clan weapons are lighter with more range often but cost more. Thats why the IS variants with energy range energy heat gen and cooldown quirks are so good on some places but with clann mechs you can achieve some wild loadouts.

The stormcrow is probably one of the best mechs overall for a medium when you consider tuning loadouts while maintaining speed. at 55 tons its just 5 tons lighter than some heavies like the rifleman, but maintains 100kph speed with the ridiculous ability to mount 10 lasers on its arms alone.

Variant with nice range. 2erll and 6erml lots of range on this ... af9ac21201

Variant with 6mpl and lots of cooling ... ac0ee7d2a0

WubWub with a bit more Wub 4mpl and 6spl. Tons of alpha strike damage but short range. ... 0bbe4dc19c

Long range wub. 3 LPL interesting but clan large lasers generate ghost heat with more than 2 fired unlike the 3 large the inner sphere can fire. ... c0b76861ac

Missile brawler. Short range but more heat efficient than the laser vomits with less accuracy ... 8e3d67d9bf

More range brawler 5mpl and 3srm4a ... 2bc5b69049

etc etc. This hasnt even gotten into the streakcrows or strange gauss variants(just no) but as you can see its a very versatile mech when it comes to armament but you are stuck with that large xl engine which isnt a bad thing usually. These variants usually run quite a bit more.

The nova is similar with more laser on laser action. Nova often runs the 12 ersl variant with great dmg vs heat efficiency for a short range laser build.

Now one of the better mechs in the game but strangely none of our team runs one ever is the timberwolf. TBR-A Its an omnipod heavy that runs in the 80's, has jump jets and can boat a wide variety of weapons with good frontal geometry due to height. Lots of good variants exists but they will set you back 20 mil to set up. The reason I mention this is that if you plan on playing just one mech and not buying the other 2 variants so you can elite it out, this would be a good choice for the "I only drive this here mech and play 3 hours a week" mentality.

The thunderbolt also falls into that category and you could definitely change yours up a bit for more spice and it makes a great laser boating heavy.

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