Thunderbolt variants

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Thunderbolt variants

Postby Funk1777 » Mon Apr 11, 2016 3:09 pm

I went through and made some builds with variants to exploit their quirks and use the same standard 300 engine in them for cost and speed.

The 5ss Quirks:

Energy range 10%
Energy cooldown 15%
Energy heat generation -15%
Medium pulse range 15%

So 6mpl build, ams and a ton of cooling while still fast 300std

The 9SE Quirks:
Energy Range 10%
Energy Cooldown 10%
Energy Heat gen -10%
Missile Cooldown 15%
Large Pulse Laser Range 10%
Large Pulse Heat gen -10%

So 3xLPL and a super amount of cooling but no JJ. could swap some hs for jump(hover) jets but nah

TDR 9S Quirks:
Energy Cooldown 15%
Energy Heat gen -15%
Laser Duration -15%
Missile Cooldown 15%
ER PPC Velocity 30%
ER PPC Cooldown 10%
ER PPC Heat -5%


TDR 5S Quirks:
Energy Range 10%
Energy Cooldown 15%
Energy Heat Generation 15%
Missile Cooldown 15%
Laser Duration -15%
Large Laser Range 10%
Large Laser Cooldown -10%

4xLL Variant TDR-5S

3xLL 2xSRM4 TDR-5S

3xLL Supercool with max armor shield arms TDR-5S

Actual Artillery Version Stock engine 64kph 2xLL 1LRM15a 1LRM10a TDR-5S

Shorter Range Brawler 4xMPL 2xMG 2xSRMa shielding armor. TDR-5S

Cool Running(not the jamaican bobsled team) Lower firepower but nonstop shooting with a strong shield side. 4xML 1xLBX10 TDR-5S

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