What was on that mech again?

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What was on that mech again?

Postby Nova2 » Fri Feb 05, 2016 12:10 am

Ever find yourself playing Faction Play and trying to find that mech you need? But your having a hard time because Faction Play won't let you view the mech's load out?

I found that the game will store rendered images of your mechs on your PC to use as the thumbnail images of the variant. They are located in:
C:\Users\(USER NAME)\Saved Games\MechWarrior Online\UI\MechIcons
And you can edit them and save them and they will display your edited image in-game. So you can write your load out down on top of the image and save it, then you no longer have to wonder which mech that was.
As long as you do not reconfigure the mech (equipment or paint-job) it will not re-render the image.
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