Fri Aug 23 11:04:39 - CST

TS2 Setup Instructions

After the installation of TS2 start the program.
  • Start up the TS2 program:
    Start>All Programs>Teamspeak2 RC2>Teamspeak RC2
  • From the dropdown menu at teh top go:

A new window will open in TS2 called "Connect To Server", our next step is to add SLP's TS2 server to the list.

  • Right-click on "Servers" and hit "Add Server"
  • A Box will appear with the text "New Server" highlighted, change it to
    "Star League Pirates" and hit the enter key.

After hitting the enter key the settings for the server will be displayed on the right side of the window, however you will have to manually enter in these settings.
  • For the "Server Address" enter in: "CLANSWORD.NET:3025" as shown.
  • For the "Nickname" enter in your call-sign that you use in the game so that other people in the TS2 server will know who you are.
  • Check "Auto-Reconnect", if for some reason you become disconnected from the server this option will automatically reconnect you to the server.
  • You are now ready to hit "Connect", and if you have follwoed this tutorial correctly you will be connected to the Star League Pirates' TS2 server.

The next time you wish o connect to SLP's server just start up the program and from the dropdown menu go 'Connection>Connect' and then select the "Star League Pirates" server from the list and hit "Connect".



After connecting to the server, one of the Server Admins in SLP can grant you the right to register with the server ware you can create a "Login Name" and "User Password".
If you have chosen to do this. You will need to enter that information into server's settings in this window, making sure that the "Registered" option is selected.