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Zellbrigen Rules

Zellbrigen is the Clan word describing the body of rules used to regulate and ritualize duels. Zellbrigen means that combatants engage in one-on-one duels, even if both sides have many warrior. Those not immediately challenged are honor-bound to stay out of the battle until an opponent is free (meaning he or she has defeated the enemy). To attack an enemy engaged with an opponent is a major breach of Clan code, usually resulting in at least loss of rank.
However in SLP there are four levels of Zellbrigen known as Zell-0, Zell-1, Zell-2, and Zell-3. As the higher Zell level goes the more rules and restrictions to combat that apply.

No targeting rules or engagement restrictions apply. Zell-0 would be also known as a "melee" ware no rules or restrictions apply to combat, however this rule is not to be confused with the rules for Star Melees and Grand Melees held in SLP.

Targeting Rules: No legging or chaining.
Engagement Restrictions: None
Zell-1 is standard policy for SLP servers. It is also offered as a common courtesy and good sportsmanship in addition to house rules by SLP members who are a guest in other servers. However this courtesy dose not have to be offered if it is being exploited against the player.

Targeting Rules: No legging or chining. A pilot may not fire upon the rear of a mech.
Engagement Restrictions: None
This is the standard policy for most trials and melees in SLP.

Targeting Rules: No legging or chaining. A pilot may not fire upon the rear or cockpit of a mech. A pilot may not fire upon a shutdown mech.
Engagement Restrictions: A pilot will only engage upon one target at a time. At no point in time should a pilot in combat engage with multiple targets, or fire upon a target already engaged. If at any point a pilot fires upon multiple targets the stricken target may engage this pilot.
This is a rare policy in SLP, mostly used to spice up the game a bit from time to time.